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In the current economic situation I am asked regularly, are Plates a good investment? Generally the answer is NO with a few exceptions.

Heritage Plates are the only plates that could be regarded as an investment Plate - time has looked after their values. Because they are unique and highly sought after it will continue to be the case.

Model specific Plates are also a good buy particularly when they are spelt the correct way and are accurate,names and words that are special are also very valuable but most were taken some years ago.

There is a Category on our site called 'The Bob How Collection' which features around 150 Plates that were purchased at the 1986 VicRoads Auction.

Most of them are model specific or special. More importantly, they are priced at bargain prices($800-$1500) and they are what we describe as 'one offs'.

These Plates will never drop in value and may increase two or three times in value depending depending on your choice.

A set of Plates from this collection is certainly better value than some Plate that is not spelt correctly or you need to think hard as to what they mean. It amazes me why people spend $350 on very obscure Plates that really have no value at all.

Click Here to View the Bob How Collection


Whislt we deal primarily in car plates, a collector has given us a series of Kenworth Plates that can only be described as bargains!

If you are into Kenworths or know a friend who has one, please ask them to check these Plates out.

They are model specific and one of a kind,they are really something special for a Kenworth enthusiast.

Simply press on the KENWORTH button in the Categories to find these special plates.


Register your interest with us for more information on our Heritage Register - this is a completely new service for Heritage Plate Owners.

We will launch this new service for Members during the first quarter of 2011 - we look forward to providing something special.

Please contact us for more information.

We protect your privacy – at no stage are your personal details released without your express permission. We take all enquiries on your behalf (telephone calls, emails, faxes) concerning your plates and keep you updated with offers from prospective buyers. You always remain completely anonymous until your settlement meeting with the purchaser – we can even arrange the settlement on your behalf.

We regularly advertise in the print media and are continually directing potential buyers and sellers to our service – personal service is guaranteed. Our online database allows us to keep you regularly informed of the progress of the sale of your plates. You will receive confirmations, receipts, renewal notices, updates by email – if you do not have an email address, all correspondence will be forwarded by post to your nominated address.

Your Plates
Your plates can be displayed in up to three categories and your selling price may be changed twice during your 13-week (3 month) advertising period. Our advertising rates are very reasonable for the service we provide and our knowledge and expertise are the key to the successful sale of your number plates. We look forward to helping you find the plates you’re after or sell your valuable plates.

Mel McLennan

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.
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Heritage Plate - "32"
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